119 North Road
Brentwood, NH  03833

Scott Priestley, Treasurer
Robert Troy, Deputy Treasurer
Phone: (603) 679-2256 EXT 9068

The County Treasurer is an elected position covered under Chapter 29 of the New Hampshire RSAs. The Treasurer issues the annual tax warrant to each of the municipal units for their portion of the tax levy, maintains custody of all funds, and obtains the necessary authorization to borrow funds when needed.

New Hampshire residents all pay a county portion of their property taxes to their municipality, which is passed on to the County in one lump sum each December.  The total amount due is set by the County’s legislative delegation during the annual budget process.  The Department of Revenue apportions the total due to each town based on their valuations.

The Treasurer is the signatory on the county’s financial accounts and works with the Finance Office to maintain the integrity and security of all funds.

All investments that the Treasurer makes are fully collateralized and income derived from the investment of County funds is returned to the treasury and is used to offset the tax rate.

Upon the approval of the Board of Commissioners and the Delegation’s Executive Committee, the Treasurer may borrow funds to satisfy the county’s budgetary obligations.

Note that all property taxes in New Hampshire are administered by the cities and towns, not the Counties. If you require information regarding property tax payments, please contact the city or town.