Facilities Operations

Jude Gates, Senior Director of Facilities, Planning, and Information Technology

116 North Road
Brentwood, NH 03833

Phone: (603) 679-2256 EXT 9150

Rich Zabroski, Assistant Director
Robin Bernier, IT Manager

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide, safely and efficiently, all of the infrastructure services that contribute to quality of life for our residents, safety of the personnel in the Correctional facility, and maximum productivity of the employees.

Biomass Facilitybiomassbuilding
The Biomass Facility saved Rockingham County taxpayers over $500,000 in energy costs in 2014. Burning local wood chips to provide steam for heat, hot water, laundry and kitchen processes at the Nursing Home/Assisted Living Facility and Jail, the Biomass Facility is projected to displace approximately 245,000 gallons of fuel oil consumption with 4,000 tons of wood chips. Rockingham County has procured a five year contract with a chip supplier with only slight annual price increases.

Rockingham County received a $1.97 million grant which covered approximately half the cost of the project. Additionally, a $200,000 grant was obtained from the North Country Conservation and Development Area Inc. through the United States Forest Service.

For more information, please see our Biomass Facility brochure.

Water SystemWatertower

Rockingham County received a deficiency free rating for its water system at the Rockingham County Complex. For more information, please see the letter from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.