Inmate Information

Inmate Visitation

As of March 2020, there are no longer on-site Video Visitations.  Only remote Video Visitation is available.  Please check Video Visitation below for more information.

Video Visitation

Video visitation was implemented on October 27, 2015.  Please click on the banner below for more information on signing up for an account.


Contacting an Inmate

Effective October 15, 2022, the Rockingham County Department of Corrections will not be accepting personal mail for the inmate population from the United States Postal Service. All personal correspondence to family members and loved ones will be conducted through e-messages offered by Securus. Any personal mail that arrives at this facility after this date will be returned to the sender. Legal correspondence will be accepted and will remain the same process. Newspapers, books, and magazines will be accepted as well.

Inmates cannot receive any cash. Please visit the commissary section for providing funds to an inmate.

Inmates are allowed books, newspapers and magazines sent via UPS or other like carriers if sent directly from the bookseller where the book was purchased.  All books, newspapers and magazines are permitted except those including information that may cause a safety and security threat to the institution (i.e. weapons magazines, combat books).



eMessaging was implemented on July 23rd, 2018. Inmates can receive messages, photos and and send a text reply when you purchase of a book of stamps from or the Securus Mobile app.   You can also click on the banner above to access this site.

Inmate Commissary and Telephone
The Rockingham County Department of Corrections has multiple ways for inmate friends and family members to put money into inmate phone and commissary accounts. 

Money Orders
1. Inmates cannot receive any cash. Money orders ONLY will be accepted via mail.
2. Money orders must be made payable to RCDC Inmate Account
3.  List the inmate’s name in the Memo line

4. DO NOT ADDRESS to the inmate.  Please address your envelope to: 

Rockingham County DOC
Attn: Inmate Accounts
99 North Road
Brentwood, NH 03833


Access Securepak is a One Stop Shop for family members and friends to send packages to inmates in the Rockingham County Department of Corrections (NH). Visit

Website, Kiosk, and over the Telephone Payments
Access Corrections offers online deposits using a debit or credit card, kiosk payments, as well as telephone payments for a nominal processing fee. Funds will be credited to the inmate’s account within 24 hours upon completion of the transaction.

Access Corrections Kiosk provides the following payment options:
1. Online: 
2. Lobby kiosks: (24 hours a day) Cash/Credit/Debit card transactions (located in the jail lobby)
3. By phone, toll free: 1-866-345-1884

Phone Time
Please click the banner below to learn about Securus Phone Services and to create an account.

Inmate Property:

If you are picking up your personal property, proceed to booking – door 903.
If you are picking up a current or past inmate’s property at the RCDOC, the inmate must fill out a property release form relinquishing his/her property for pick up.  Please call to have the property released to the visits area during office hours.  (The process can take up to 7 days.)