Rockingham County Complex Design, Architectural, Construction, and other Services: Misinformation has been published stating that Rockingham County is constructing a new complex.  This is incorrect.  A space allocation review was conducted last year with no further action.  At the present time, no bidding or bonding exists for such a project. 

Updated with changes effective 12/30/2020

Sealed Bids Due
(all times are EST/EDT)
10/25/2021 by 5:00pmRCSO-VHF-Radio-Build-Out
11/1/2021 by 5:00pmLaptops
10/4/2021 by 5:00pm Instantaneous Water Heater
9/29/2021 by 5:00pmRCSO-VHF-Radio-Build-Out
9/27/2021 by 5:00pmSit to Stand Scale
9/20/2021 by 5:00pmGasoline Contract
9/20/2021 by 5:00pmReverse Osmosis Water Treatment System
9/20/2021 by 5:00 pm Fire Alarm Testing
9/20/2021 by 5:00 pm Laundry Equip Preventative Maint
9/20/2021 by 5:00 pmInstitutional Products
9/20/2021 by 5:00 pmPaper Plastic Products
9/20/2021 by 5:00 pm 2021 Standpipe Inspections
9/17/2021 by 5:00 pmInmate Personal Care Items
9/7/2021 by 5:00 pmReceipt Printers
9/06/2021 by 5:00 pm 2021 Vehicles
8/27/2021 by 5:00 pmSafety and Security Check System
8/23/2021 by 5:00 pm Well Redevelopment
8/10/2021 by 5:00 pm Computer Equipment

Vendor Mailing List: Rockingham County is using Public Purchase.  We are not maintaining vendor lists for mail or email of invitations.  Vendors must sign up for a free account on Public Purchase and register for Rockingham County’s RFPs as soon as possible to avoid missing any of our future RFPs.

Bid Openings and Awards: Proposals will be available for public inspection upon request.  After a thorough review of the proposals received, a bid award will be scheduled for a future Board of Commissioners meeting, usually within a few weeks.  Once a bid is awarded, the information will be updated.

County equipment that is declared surplus and available for bid/sale will be listed below as downloadable PDF documents.

RFP Results: 

2020-RFP Results (thru 07/08/2020)

2019-RFP Results, 2018 RFP Results,  
2017 RFP Results.  2016 RFP Results

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