Rockingham County is seeking proposals for services/products. As of 10/18/2017, all new RFPs are available through our agency listing on Public PurchaseThe individual Public Purchase RFP links will be in the table below.  

County equipment that is declared surplus and available for bid/sale will also be listed in the table below as downloadable PDF documents.

Vendor Mailing List: Beginning in the fall of 2017, Rockingham County will be transitioning from mail/email RFP notifications to using Public Purchase.  Once the transition is complete, RFP documents will no longer be posted on our website, nor will we maintain a mailing list.  Vendors are highly encouraged to sign up for a free account on Public Purchase and register for Rockingham County’s RFPs as soon as possible to avoid missing any of our future RFPs.

Bid Openings and Awards: Proposals will be opened publicly at a regularly scheduled Board of Commissioners meeting, indicated on the RFP (schedule subject to change). After a thorough review of the proposals received, a bid award will be scheduled for a future Board of Commissioners meeting, usually within a few weeks.  Board of Commissioners meeting dates and agendas are posted on the “Upcoming Events” section on the left of each page. Once a bid is awarded, the department requesting the proposals will notify each bidder of the result. Additionally, updates are added to the website, typically within one day after the award.

RFP Results: 

2020-RFP Results

2019-RFP Results

2018 RFP Results
2017 RFP Results
2016 RFP Results

Notice to bidders: If mailing through UPS, FedEx, or other carrier, please ensure the name of the RFP you are responding to is clearly marked on the outside of the carrier envelope/package. Items not clearly marked as an RFP may be opened with regular mail and could be invalidated/rejected.

Sealed Bids Due
(all times are EST/EDT)
11/02/2020 by 3:00pmAmmunition, Sheriff's Office
10/26/2020 by 3:00pmVMWare Software, Sheriff's Office
10/19/2020 by 3:00pmSupply and Install Communication Equipment
11/18/2020 by 3:00pmRegistry of Deeds and County Attorney Office Cleaning Services
10/19/2020 by 3:00pmUVC/Ozone Disinfection RobotUVC/Ozone Disinfection Robot
10/12/2020 by 3:00pmComputer Equipment, Engineering and Maintenance
10/12/2020 by 3:00pmAruba Access Points Equipment
10/16/2020 by 3:00pmLaboratory COVID-19 Testing
10/23/2020 by 3:00pmMedical Supplies Prime Vendor
09/28/2020 by 3:00pm (Mandatory Site Visit Thursday, 09/17/2020 at 9:30am)Generator Testing/Inspection
09/14/2020 by 3:00pmFY2021 VMWare Software
09/07/2020 by 3:00pmFY2021 Motorola Consolette, Sheriff's Office
09/14/2020 by 3:00pm (Mandatory Site Visit 09/03/2020 @ 9:30am)Lead Abatement/Mitchell Building

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