Do individual departments prepare accounts payable warrants for contingent grant expenditures?

No, the Finance department will prepare accounts payable warrants (and the corresponding revenue accrual/revenue warrants) for contingent grant expenditures.  It is the individual department’s responsibility to forward all supporting documentation to the Finance Office to ensure proper and timely payment of grant payables and recording of the corresponding revenues.   For additional information on financial procedures and policies regarding grants, please refer to the Grant Policies and Procedures.

What are the County’s policies and procedures with respect to obtaining grants?

Grants must go through a series of approvals from the Rockingham County Commissioners.  First, the department that is considering applying for a grant should present their proposal to the Commissioners at a regularly scheduled Commissioners’ meeting.  If the Commissioners approve of the grant application, it can be signed by the Chair and the department can move forward with the application process.  Any subsequent/resulting award documents (including grant agreements) need to be approved by the Board and signed, if applicable, by the Chair.  A complete set of all grant documents should be forwarded to the Finance Office.