Where should prospective vendors send their Request for Proposal (RFP) responses?

Prospective vendors should send their RFP responses to:

Rockingham County Commissioners
RFP – “RFP Name”
119 North Road
Brentwood, NH  03833

RFP responses that are not properly addressed, or that are not marked with the RFP name, run the risk of not being received by the Commissioners Office by the deadline, or being opened along with regular mail, and therefore invalidated.  Please ensure vendors know to clearly mark any materials with the RFP name, at a minimum.

If a vendor has specific questions regarding the RFP, they should refer to the departmental contact information detailed within the RFP.   For more details on the bid process, please see the RFP Policy and Procedures.

Are there exceptions to the competitive bidding process for purchases greater than $5,000?

Yes, there is an exception to the competitive bidding process (per RSA 28:8-f).  If it can be proven to the Rockingham County Board of Commissioners that it is proper to forego the bid process and award a purchase, contract, or lease to a particular vendor, then a Bid Waiver Request can be approved by the Commissioners.  The vote by the Commissioners must be unanimous (three for, none against). For more details on the bid process, please see the RFP-Policy-and-Procedures.