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Employee FAQ

If a department is going to over expend one of their budget lines by a $2,000 or more, a transfer must be approved by the Commissioners and the Rockingham County Executive Committee before the expenditure can be incurred.  Please see Budget Line Transfers Policy for additional information, and the current Line Item Transfer Form.  Please note, the Executive Committee requires all submissions to be sent a minimum of 5 days before their quarterly reviews.  Please ensure your line item transfer requests are submitted for approval at a Board of Commissioners meeting that is early enough to meet the Executive Committee submission deadline.

A fixed/capital asset is an item that has a useful life of several years that is owned by an organization and used, in context of the County, in providing/delivering County services.  Tangible fixed assets include land, equipment, vehicles, furnishings and fixtures.  The County’s dollar threshold for such items to be considered fixed assets is $5,000, though the Nursing Home threshold is $500 (for Medicaid Cost Report purposes).  Throughout the year, departments should submit required paperwork and support to the Finance Office for fixed asset additions  Please refer to the County’s Fixed Asset Policy for further details and the Fixed Asset Add – Change Form.

Yes, any cash received and deposited (by any method) requires a corresponding revenue warrant (with support) to be completed, signed by an authorized individual, and placed into the Finance Office revenue warrant box on Mitchell II.  Every Monday, the Associate Accounting Analyst in the Finance Office sends out bank reports to applicable departments that detail all electronic deposits processed in the prior week.  These bank reports are to be used as support for the department revenue warrants. See Department Revenue Warrant Policy.

Cash and checks totaling $10,000 or more are to be deposited within 24 hours, preferably on the same business day as received.  Smaller receipts are not to be held longer than three business days before being deposited.  All departmental deposits (whether in a locked bag or in an interoffice envelope) should be placed in the Finance Office revenue warrant box by 3:30pm.  Locked bags, regardless of the deposit total, are deposited on the same business day as submitted (if placed in the revenue warrant box by the 3:30pm deadline).  See Cash on Hand Policy.  Note: A completed, signed Revenue Warrant Form (with support) should accompany departmental deposits.

The deadline for submitting accounts payable warrants for inclusion in the next accounts payable run is 12:00pm on the Wednesday prior to a regular accounts payable run.  For example, November 5, 2014 was the submission deadline for accounts payable warrants approved by the Commissioners at their November 12, 2014 meeting.  Warrants are to be inserted into an interoffice envelope and placed in the Accounts Payable Warrants mail slot on Mitchell II.  For more information, see Departmental AP Warrant Policy.

No, the Finance department will prepare accounts payable warrants (and the corresponding revenue accrual/revenue warrants) for contingent grant expenditures.  It is the individual department’s responsibility to forward all supporting documentation to the Finance Office to ensure proper and timely payment of grant payables and recording of the corresponding revenues.   For additional information on financial procedures and policies regarding grants, please refer to the Grant Policies and Procedures.

Yes, all grant expenditures must be appropriated.  When asking for Commissioner approval for a grant, the department should also request from the Commissioners that the contingent grant lines under General Government be utilized for appropriations and the corresponding revenues.

Grants must go through a series of approvals from the Rockingham County Commissioners.  First, the department that is considering applying for a grant should present their proposal to the Commissioners at a regularly scheduled Commissioners’ meeting.  If the Commissioners approve of the grant application, it can be signed by the Chair and the department can move forward with the application process.  Any subsequent/resulting award documents (including grant agreements) need to be approved by the Board and signed, if applicable, by the Chair.  A complete set of all grant documents should be forwarded to the Finance Office.

A Kronos New/Change User will be coming soon, along with instructions.  If you need help adding or changing a user in the meantime, please contact Ben Wing at 679-9374.

The department should complete a MUNIS New User / Change User Form (page one only) and send it to the Finance department.  Please make sure that a detailed listing of MUNIS-related tasks that the user will be performing is provided to ensure that appropriate/needed permissions are granted.

The Human Resources department deadline for submission of payroll changes is the Monday prior to the current payroll for the change to take effect in the next payroll.  For example, the HR submission deadline for items to possibly be included in the 11/06/14 payroll check date was 10/20/14.

The Finance deadline for submitting payroll changes (in order for them to take effect in the next payroll) is two full weeks prior to the next payroll check date.  Using the HR example above, the Finance submission deadline for items to be included for the 11/06/14 payroll check date was 10/23/14.

Only the Chair of the Board of Rockingham County Commissioners can sign contracts, leases, or agreements, or the Vice Chair in the absence of the Chair. Additionally, signature only happens after majority approval through an approved vote of the contract/agreement/lease by the Board. Other Elected Officials, Division Directors, and employees are not authorized to sign contracts, leases, or agreements on behalf of the County.

Prospective vendors should send their RFP responses to:

Rockingham County Commissioners
RFP – “RFP Name”
119 North Road
Brentwood, NH  03833

RFP responses that are not properly addressed, or that are not marked with the RFP name, run the risk of not being received by the Commissioners Office by the deadline, or being opened along with regular mail, and therefore invalidated.  Please ensure vendors know to clearly mark any materials with the RFP name, at a minimum.

If a vendor has specific questions regarding the RFP, they should refer to the departmental contact information detailed within the RFP.   For more details on the bid process, please see the RFP Policy and Procedures.

Yes, there is an exception to the competitive bidding process (per RSA 28:8-f).  If it can be proven to the Rockingham County Board of Commissioners that it is proper to forego the bid process and award a purchase, contract, or lease to a particular vendor, then a Bid Waiver Request can be approved by the Commissioners.  The vote by the Commissioners must be unanimous (three for, none against). For more details on the bid process, please see the RFP-Policy-and-Procedures.

The minimum threshold for the competitive bidding process is $5,000, per County law (RSA 28:8, RSA 28:8-b and RSA 28:8-f). This threshold applies for purchases of all kinds, contracts and leases.  If the first year payment total under a contract or lease is less than $5,000 but the grand total of the stream of payments under the same contract or lease is $5,000 or greater, then the bid process does apply.  For more details on the bid process, please see RFP Policy and Procedures.

Any items that are believed to be uncollectible should be submitted to the Finance Office for review.  A summary should be included (signed by a division director/elected official), along with documentation regarding all collection procedures that were taken and related support.  The Accounting Manager and Finance Director will review the department’s information, and compose an official write-off request.  This request will be submitted for approval to the Commissioners at one of their regularly scheduled meetings.  After Commissioner approval, the receivables in question are considered written off.  The Finance Office will make appropriate entries in MUNIS to record the write-off, and departments should take corresponding steps for any receivable subledgers that they separately maintain.   The same process should be followed for any payables owed by the County that, per detailed investigation, have been determined to no longer be due to an outside party and therefore should be written off.

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