Unclaimed Property Scam Alert

Have you been contacted by someone claiming you are owed money by Rockingham County, and asking you to sign a contract or pay a fee to recover the “unclaimed money?”  There has been a rise in unclaimed property scams recently, and while some are legal companies, it is never necessary to pay a company to “find” or “collect” money that is owed to you by a government agency.

Rockingham County makes every effort to contact individuals and organizations who have uncashed funds issued from the County, in order to reissue the funds.  Funds that go uncashed are eventually turned over to the New Hampshire State Treasury, in accordance with RSA 471-C.  (please see: https://www.nh.gov/treasury/unclaimed-property)

For more information about these scams and “collection” companies, and tips for protecting yourself, please read this helpful article by the AARP: ‘Found’ Money for a Fee? Beware of New Surge in Unclaimed Property Scams

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